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The Illume Shaftless ™ Skylight Alternative systems are conceived to add the relaxing atmosphere and environment of the outdoors to any area in your home. Illume™ skylight alternatives replace orthodox skylights and can be fitted in areas traditional skylights cannot be fitted.

Illume™ skylight alternatives are devised to adapt the suns natural energy to light and auto adjust brightness levels to match the outdoors. This creates coherence in your home between indoor and outdoor lighting.

Illume skylight
Illume product
Illume skylight in dinning room
Illume diagram
illume in closet
There are numerous Illume ™ systems to balance your home. Each model is matched to different locations. Areas where Illume™ works well are hallways, walk-in closets, pantries, powder rooms and laundries
The Illume™ system installs with ease to both tile and metal roofs without the need for a skylight shaft. The system gradually lightens as the day goes on and darkens when there is cloud cover, providing a consistency between indoors and outdoors.
Bathroom lite up with Illume
kitchen lite up with Illume
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