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Skylights for any purpose is our mission

As we move on year after year, we are all experiencing advancements in our everyday living, so much so that there are as many changes happening to our daily lives. From cooling to lighting, energy is fast becoming a major need in our life and it is necessary to make sure that all the technological installations in our lives are working. With the rising energy demands for many nations, including Australia, this means rising costs.

Climate change. Whatever your beliefs may be, the facts still remain: our dependence on carbon-based energy like coal and fossil fuels need to slow down. Moving to renewable energy is the most important step that we can do for our future, and it does not have to cost more than it saves. Be it lighting solutions or air ventilation methods, Sunshine Skylights has the right installations that can make your modern living future ready.

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Sunshine Skylights: Smart Installations For the 21stCentury

The value of alternative options to everyday living is becoming greater and greater. We at Sunshine Skylights know that we need to give you solutions to make your life better and more sustainable and, after years of research and development, our products speak for us in every home or commercial space.

Our solar solutions are revolutionary methods of utilising the sun for many of your needs. With the power of the sun, we will be able to cut off a large portion of your total energy consumption at home through high quality skylights, solar lighting systems and solar ventilation units designed to cut your carbon emissions, your on-grid power consumption and take a great chunk out of your long-term energy expenses. 

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Installing Traditional Skylights: Less Heat, Less UV, More Sunlight

Since our first foray into business in 1987, Sunshine Skylights has been well-known for its traditional skylight installations for homes and businesses. Our traditional skylight installations are made and manufactured with our own workbench, so we can customise it according to what you need. Our triple glazing system is second to none for heat and hail protection.

From skylight shutters which you can use to control how much light you get in your room to skylight shaft fixtures that can be installed anywhere, our setups will work in whatever situation you may have. Our systems can convert as much of the available sunlight as usable natural light for you while reducing all the things you may not want like heat and UV rays.

Our multiple glazing systems are unique, using opal or high impact acrylic that filters as much as 60% more heat off the light than other traditional skylight methods. We also add additional layers of UV filters that reduce harmful ultraviolet in your light.

Our skylights are built to last, able to take on different weather conditions like rain and hail, so you can be sure that you will have a lasting product in your home.

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Solar Skylights: Solar Energy Installations for Higher Savings

If you need the power of the sun but you are unable to utilise traditional skylight installations for your home or business, we can do something about that as well. Our solar lighting systems use a PV panel that connects to LED lighting solutions with natural coloured lights. With solar power taking care of your daylighting, you do not only reduce your dependence on on-grid power but also save yourself some money. How?

One of the biggest single use energy consumers in any home and business is lighting, especially for businesses that operate in the morning. Lighting can take as much as 17 to 26% of a location’s energy expenses, second only to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) at 43%. Adding our solar lighting system or replacing your existing lights can free you from the chains of power companies and add more to your bottom line.

We can convert your entire lighting array as solar powered skylights that tap into the sun during daytime operations, while they automatically shift to grid power at night. It’s cheap, easy and our LED lights are rated to run up to 50,000 to 100,0000 hours of operation ideally.

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Solar Ventilation Installations: Not Just Hot Air

If you are more bothered by the incessant heat in your home that is caused by hot air in your roof ceiling, there’s a way to remove all of this without any additional operational costs. It can even help your air-conditioning work better. We’re talking about Sunshine Skylights’ solar ventilation system.

Our roof vent installations are also powered by the harnessed renewable energy of the sun, but instead of using it to illuminate your home, we use it to have a ventilation system that sucks out the hot air out of your roof area so you can get lower temperatures in your home or office. Our solar vents can reduce your ceilings heat load which, in a hot summer Australian day, can go upwards to 60 or 70 degrees Celsius in your roof.

By reducing the heat from your home or office without the additional operational expense and reduced need for air-conditioning, you can save more money that typically goes into your HVAC energy expenses, running at more than 20 to 40% of your overall energy cost. With this, we further remove you from reliance with on-grid fossil fuel, which means reduced carbon footprint for your home or business.

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Renewable Energy Installations, Because Sunshine Skylights Cares

The installations that Sunshine Skylights do for its customers, we put the world one step closer to a cleaner, greener future. We are proud that we are helping usher in a new era for future generations, however small our contributions may be, while also saving our customer money. Every product you purchase from us is a product that helps reduce your dependence on power grids, allowing you leave a smaller carbon footprint. They do not only save you money as you go, but also save the future for everyone.

You might be wondering why do we keep on trying to push our customers to move to renewable, energy independent installations for their homes and businesses. Here’s the reason.

As with all of our installations, we are proud of the process that we use with each of the products that we recommend to our customers. All Sunshine Skylights offerings are built to last, under the strict quality standards that we put in our manufacturing, from materials to workbench.

Our pride is backed by our guarantee to each of our customers. All custom products that we install like traditional skylights come with a 10-year guarantee, while our solar skylights and solar ventilation carry the same 10-year guarantee on the PV panels and 5 years (solar skylights) or 2 years (solar ventilation) on all of the other components.

All of this confidence goes down to our roots as a proud Queensland business since 1987. For over 3 decades, our team of experts have guided countless people, giving free advice, on what’s the best option they can have for their situation. We have always supported alternative, greener choices that can create a sustainable future for the 21st century Australia. We need to be all-in for the generations to come. Give us a call and together let’s start a greater, greener future.

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