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Solar Whiz Commercial

Cooling for Any Building is our Mission

Solar Whiz Commercial

Here at Sunshine Skylights we have used our experience and knowledge in residential roof ventilation and applied it to commercial roof ventilation. Commercial roof ventilation is used for warehouses; factories and workshops just to name a few.

Commercial Exhaust Fans

Large commercial exhaust fans are used to extract heat from large commercial spaces and also to extract fumes making your workplace a cool and clean working environment.

Industrial Exhaust Fans

Industrial sized workshops and factories are legally required to provide the workplace is effectively ventilated. By installing a Solar Whiz industrial extractor fans you are investing in an efficient and cost effective way to ensure that your requirements for a fully ventilated workplace are met.

Industrial Ventilation/Commercial Ventilation

The thought of equipping your workspace with ventilation may stress you out, but the truth is, with Solar Whiz industrial and commercial ventilation does not cost a fortune.

With Solar Whiz the commercial and industrial exhaust and extractor fans offer free operation in sunny conditions. There are also packages for night and overcast conditions.

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Commercial Ventilation

Industrial Solar Ventilation

Excessive heat is a health hazard and we all know that working in heat, whether this is indoor or outdoor, can cause adverse effects in the body. Manufacturing businesses, like steel mills for example, and many other commercial outfits rely on their workers to make sure that work is being done, but if heat is not reduced, the long-term safety of everyone within that business is at risk. This is why commercial ventilation is fast becoming a strong, ideal solution for this issue.

If you are a business owner or about to start a business, you know that you have a legal obligation to make sure that the temperatures in your workplace are as manageable as possible. Under the Work Health & Safety / Occupational Health & Safety Act (WHS/OHS), you must meet requirements to make sure that your employees are safe from harm and their health is well maintained and, according to many WHS outlines like Queensland’s Hazardous Exposures Guide, heat stress is a real issue.

In the long term, making sure that your people are safe and healthy are good markers for efficiency and productivity, but you would also need to take care of the bottom line for your business. How do you solve this as the proprietor or field manager?

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Resolving Your Heat Load Issues Through Ventilation

The thing about commercial ventilation in Australia is that it’s highly inefficient. In homes and many commercial spaces, heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC takes up a staggering 40 percent of the energy consumption, even more if you have an office that operates extended hours and deals with air that needs to be changed regularly. Imagine that – almost half of your energy consumption expenses go to taking care of temperature regulation. It makes you hope that you could do something to reduce this while making sure that your employees are comfortable in your workplace.

Sunshine Skylights offers a way to solve your problems for you. Our extensive experience with residential ventilation – something that is very challenging to take care of, has been applied to take care of the needs of commercial industries to reduce the heat in your place of work. Hot, uncomfortable workers do not work efficiently, and our vent systems take care of this problem by shunting out the hot air that revolves around your workplace and powering these fans through the power of the sun. That’s right! Not only can we make your business cooler, but we can also cut down on your daytime ventilation energy consumption to zero. Let us tell you how we do that.

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Efficient Ventilation for Your Commercial Space

In any enclosed space, the number one thing that heat does is rise up. Hot air rises, which is why it has a tendency to try and escape to your roof, which will then go through a type of convection because of the rays of the sun, making the air hotter. This is why most of commercial ventilation techniques install the exhaust fans on the roof so the heat can dissipate faster.

We at Sunshine Skylights understand your problem, and we aim to solve your ventilation issues by installing heat extractors on your roof area. Because passive ventilation does not work well since they’re only good if the air is already hot, so we install an active ventilation system that starts up once the system is illuminated by early morning light if your roof space temperature is 28 degrees or above. Before the sun can even start irradiating your roof with its heat energy, the vent systems start sucking out the warm air, reducing temperatures and overall heat from the building. We don’t try to cool you through air-conditioning – we cool you by taking out the heat in the first place!

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Why Sunshine Skylights Solar Ventilation is Perfect For You

Remember the 40 percent energy consumption that you use on cooling your business? What if we tell you that, through the use of our commercial ventilation system, we can reduce this expense for you dramatically? We’re not talking about the intangibles like improving your people’s efficiency because they are properly cooled. We do that already. We’re talking about an obvious reduction on your operational costs. Interested? Here’s how we at Sunshine Skylights make this happen.

Our solar vent systems are powered by harnessing solar energy, firstly removing our system from your overall energy costs. We do this instead of having you install ventilation technology like way too many whirly birds or expensive mains powered ventilation that continually eats at your overheads. Now, your vent system has zero operational cost. In addition, our solar vent systems’ secondary benefit work by giving you the ability to reduce the usage of your air-conditioning. Now that you have taken the heat load from the roof of your building or structure, your existing air-conditioning can cool you more for less usage. Less A/C use, less power consumed, more savings for your business.

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Why Our Industrial Ventilation is For You

There are many pitfalls that people go through when deciding if commercial ventilation is for them. Other than the fact that the government requires you to keep your workers well ventilated, the first issue that business owners have with industrial ventilation is cost. There’s this misconception that anything solar will be expensive. The truth is that since the entire system is running on low voltage, they do not cost a fortune. The overhead price is also offset by the long term operational cost reduction. It pays for itself in no time flat.

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s a guarantee that Sunshine Skylights gives to all of our products. All of our products are built to last and we put our money where our mouth is. We made our commercial ventilation to last Australian conditions. We at Sunshine Skylights guarantee a 10-year warranty on the PV panel and 2 years on the other components (a 5 year extended warranty is available) – way more than enough for you to get back your investment through the savings you get from using our product.

Sub Floor Solar Powered Ventilation

Sunshine Skylights Cares About Your Business

Be it residential or commercial, we value our customers and take care of you from quote to process to finish. We have experts that will make sure that you only get the best results from our installations – that the commercial ventilation solutions that we give you are right for your situation.

Sunshine Skylights is a proud Queensland-born business since 1987, and we make sure that your business is ours to take care of.

We understand the challenge of keeping your workplace a healthy environment for your employees to work in, and whatever it may be – from a warehouse to an office space to a manufacturing and production factory, we offer you commercial ventilation that works. We harness the power of the sun so that your active vent system removes as much of the heat load off your workplace environment. We save you money while you make your business a better place. Sunshine Skylights is ready for the challenge and our experts are here when you need them.

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